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Amalfi Salons plants 1443 trees since April the 13th!

June 24, 2021

Amalfi Salons have planted 1443 trees since reopening on April the 13th!!

Amalfi Salons, a newly formed hairdressing company with salons in Solihull, Halesowen, Gosport, and Southampton, have fulfilled their promise by planting a tree for every single client since they started trading this April.

When Amalfi Salons were formed by private investor Jamie Simpson and industry expert Sara Lemm in early 2021, they set a goal of giving back to the planet in an industry that is often criticized for its negative effect on the environment.

Together they made a promise to plant a tree for every single client that visits their salons. They also pledged to join the green salon collective that actively recycles used hair, used foils, and color tubes. The green salon collective use hair cuttings to create hair booms to soak up oil spills as documented in the Guardian last week:

Since forming in January, Amalfi salons have acquired 5 salons and are targeting a further 5 acquisitions of existing operating salons this year, of which they hope will assist them to achieve their vision of planting a forest of 20,000 trees by the end of 2021!!!!

Owner, Jamie Simpson is not stopping there and will be raising money for the fantastic charity, haircuts for the homeless,  by partnering with the green salon collective in a number of charity challenges including:

– Climbing mt Toubkal, Morocco in October this year
– Climbing Ben Nevis in December this year
– Hiking, biking, and kayaking 250km from the pacific coast of Costa Rica to the Caribbean coast without any engine power.
* All trips have been booked through a sustainable company to ensure all trips including flights are carbon negative

For more information on Amalfi Salons tree planting vision, charity challenges, and membership with the green salon collective, please visit:

Jamie: “We are very proud of what we have achieved in such a short space of time here at Amalfi Salons.
It was Sara and my vision to not only create an amazing salon brand that both staff and clients alike will love visiting and being part of but to simultaneously give back to the planet while running a business that we love.
We feel we have achieved this with our promise to plant a tree for every customer being fulfilled,  by raising money for an industry-related charity by way of adventure challenges booked through a carbon-negative company (Much Better Adventures), and by working with and listening to our staff on why they also feel so strongly about implementing the vision of reducing our effect on the planet.
The response from the clients so far has been amazing!
The feedback we have been receiving is that they feel proud that by visiting our salons to get great service and experience, that they are now also contributing to a bigger cause such as having a tree planted every time they visit.
It really is a win/win situation for everybody.”

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