All About Afro

September 15, 2023

In light of World Afro Day this week, we sat down with Murdock London Master Barber, Jason Biggs, to find out his industry insights on all things Afro…


Which tools do you use, or avoid using, when cutting Afro hair, and why?

When cutting and styling Afro hair, be careful to stay away from tools that reduce volume. For example, thinning/blending shears shouldn’t be used as they can disrupt and damage the natural curl pattern. Whilst these types of tools could possibly be used to detail a taper for Afro hair, I would definitely advise against using them for more than that. Afro hair thrives off its volume and curl, so it’s important to maintain structure at the root.

How important is the direction of hair growth and are there any other factors to consider?

Hair growth pattern is vitally important to textured Afro hair. The direction that the hair grows pinpoints to the stylist how they should angle their clippers or cutting tool when giving a haircut or trim. Going against the natural pattern of growth will cut the hair to a much lower point, so be sure to consult about length of hair and density!

Which products would you recommend for styling Afro hair?

I would recommend Murdock London’s Textured Hair Cream and Textured Hair Oil for styling Afro hair. A small amount of the Textured Hair Cream rubbed evenly into the palm of the hand can be used to define curls and give more moisture and bounce to natural hair. To keep the moisture locked in, use a few drops of the Textured Hair Oil to finish the look. It’s important to keep Afro hair moisturised, healthy and balanced!

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