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A message from the Hair & Barber Council… Please follow the Government guidance! 

July 09, 2020

The Government Guidance for our industry, supported by an industry taskforce, was released to help industry react positively to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thus enabling us to do all we can to protect our staff, our customers and, of course, ourselves for when we re-opened.

We cannot stress enough that this guidance MUST be followed.

The very last thing any of us want is to be locked down again, so please check the guidance and make sure you are doing all that you can.
A few of the top six things you must be adhering to are;

– An initial ‘risk assessment’ must be in place.
– All staff MUST wear a VISOR.
– You must take contact details from every customer; a mobile phone number (or landline number if a mobile number isn’t available) and an email address, for track and trace purposes.

– Social distancing must be observed (2 metres if possible, 1+ metres with risk mitigation, where 2 metres isn’t viable)
– All workstations and tools to be thoroughly and hygienically cleaned and sanitised following each customer visit.
– Staff to continually wash their hands and to use hand sanitiser, and encouraging customers to do the same when entering the premises.

Clearly there is much more than these six points in the guidance so please check it out again for yourselves to see if there is anything you may have missed.

I am sure most of you are doing all you can to adhere to the guidance, but if you are not, please do so…for everyone’s sake! Thank you.

Take care and keep safe


Keith Conniford
The Hair & Barber Council