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A Copper colour transformation | Client Colour

May 18, 2022

We look at this gorgeous copper colour transformation by Dan Mewies, Mewies & Co.

“A few years ago I fell out of love with colouring and focused all my attention on cutting. However, more recently I have fallen back in love with colour again – mainly due to new product technology and a change in client behaviour. Innovations like the BLONDME Premium Clay Lightener have enabled colourists to take a more freehand approach to colouring, giving us more creative freedom, which I love! I have also noticed, especially since the pandemic, clients have a more carefree attitude towards their colour and seem to trust the creative freedom of hairdressers, making the entire process more authentic and enjoyable which is amazing. I loved creating this copper transformation for my client, the end result has depth and multiple tones, giving it a gorgeous authentic finish.” – DAN MEWIES


1. I pre-lifted sections by 2-3 levels via free hand application with the Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Premium Clay Lightner. This is my favourite lightener to use for freehand application as the clay formula gives you precise application and prevents bleeding.

2. After leaving the bleach to process for 10-15 minutes I cleansed the hair. Once the hair was dry, I applied IGORA Royal Absolutes 6-70 + 6% to the roots.

3. I then applied IGORA Royal Absolutes 6-70 + 3% to the middle ends.

4. Then finally, I applied 7-70 + 3% to the ends. I allowed the colour to process for 35-40 minutes. Once the colour had processed, I cleansed the hair using the Authentic Beauty Concept range. I then removed any excess water from the hair and applied the Schwarzkopf Professional Chroma ID 7-77 to the ends along with more of the Authentic Beauty Concept Glow conditioner and left for five minutes before rinsing.

5. Once the hair was fully rinsed, I trimmed it, taking off the ends and adding in some layers. Once blow dried, I applied Authentic Beauty Concept Airy Texture Spray and soft curled using the ghd Platinum+ straightener. This entire transformation took about three hours to complete.


A Copper colour transformation | Client Colour 1