A Client Colour Transformation with Terri Lowe

December 12, 2022

We love this huge colour change from Terri Lowe, Creative Director at The Hair Surgery.

The client wanted a dramatic change but didn’t want to go lighter. She had a natural base 4 with some grey and permanent colour on her hair. I used a colour remover rather than a pre-lightener and this helped me to not only get a clean base, but the colour technology made the process faster and I love the fact that I was able do a full colour transformation around other clients.

A Client Colour Transformation | Terri's Steps to Doing What She Loves 1


I mixed the two parts, A and B, of the Schwarzkopf Professional Bond Enforcing Colour Remover with 1.9 developer and 6 vol, applying this on to dry hair. The colour remover is not bleach but is great to use instead of a pre-lightener as it disrupts the pigment to remove it from the hair, and also helps to maintain condition. I worked this through the hair in a hot cross bun section leaving out a quarter inch of root. I then left it to develop for 20 minutes.

I rinsed out the colour remover and shampooed the hair using Schwarzkopf Professional BC Colour Freeze Shampoo before blast drying the hair back at the section. I was left with a clean base, around two shades lighter, and the hair was in good condition. In this case the colour remover had given me a more even base than if I had pre-lightened which can lift sections of the hair too much.

I mixed the permanent root colour for grey coverage and then went in with a lighter base colour. I used Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Colour Ten in 7.0 with Igora 6%peroxide. I left this for 15 minutes instead of 10 because of stubborn greys and to saturate the front of the hair.

I shampooed again and rinsed the root, mixing up Schwarzkopf Professional Vibrants 777 which is a copper gloss tone, 0.77 mix tone and 1.96 vol developer. This was a global application from the roots to the ends of the hair while wet/towel dried as the cuticles are open and left this for 20 minutes.

I rinsed the hair and conditioned to seal the ends with Schwarzkopf Professional Chroma ID copper 777 mask to lock in the tone.

I cut around three inches off the hair into a one lengths bob which gave the colour more impact and a fuller/thicker appearance. I blow dried with Schwarzkopf Professional BC Colour Freeze Shine Saviour then waved and dressed out the hair with Schwarzkopf Professional Oasis Soft Dust for texture and volume.