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8 tips for creating headline-grabbing images from Cos Sakkas

May 20, 2021

“Working on photo shoot is one of the favourite things to do – it gives you an opportunity to be creative, work with some incredible people and push yourself out of your comfort zone,” Cos states.

8 tips for creating headline-grabbing images from Cos Sakkas 1

So what has he learnt over the past 20 years?
Here’s his tips for creating headline-grabbing images

1 Make sure your models are individual and beautiful in their own rights. Don’t be a follower of fashion but work with their own personal beauty.

2 Make a physical mood board rather than collecting images on your phone. It will help with your creativity and be a reference point for everyone on the day.

3 Make sure hair, make-up and clothes all work together. Remember it is a hair shoot and you don’t want to detract from the hairstyle you have created, so keep everything else simple and understated.

4 Work with a team who have the same vision as you, but will push you to try new things.

5 Shoot for you and no one else – don’t shoot for the Awards, shoot for yourself. You want a collection that is true to you and shows your skills, passion and vision. If you put pressure on your shoulders to create a winning collection, you will lose your focus.

6 Shoot in colour and black and white – both will be beautiful but give a different dimension to your finished look.

7 Stay focused – don’t be distracted by whacky ideas. Find your niche and stick to what you’re good at and produce images that are beautiful and trend led.

8 Take your time when cropping your images – full length has a totally different feeling to close up, so choose wisely and don’t rush this process.

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