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7 Ways to Incorporate Sustainability Into Your Business

April 12, 2024

As we have officially entered Earth Month, sustainability is certainly at the forefront of everyone’s minds. We caught up with evo Creative Team Member, Ky Wilson, to find out his top simple tricks for incorporating sustainability into your business.


  1. Start by stocking up on eco-friendly products. Opt for goods with biodegradable ingredients and get a system in place to recycle and compost the packaging where possible.
  2. Incentivise your team to take public transport whenever they can.
  3. Offset your carbon footprint as much as possible. The main ways I try to do this is through only consuming local and seasonal products, as well as ensuring I only buy what I need to avoid waste.
  4. Make energy efficient upgrades like swapping out those lightbulbs to LED instead.
  5. Whenever possible, strive to do business with other Certified B Corporations.
  6. Make use of those second-hand finds and brainstorm creative ways to reuse anything that is new.
  7. Aim to plant a new tree for every single client. Check out organisations such as The Wildlife Trust, Treedom or the World Land Trust.