6 Tips for connecting with clients via social media

February 12, 2021

It can be super easy to get stuck in a rut on social media, posting the same content and using the same techniques.

However changing it up, ensuring you are staying relevant and keeping up with social media trends whilst adjusting to ever changing algorithms is a recipe for success and will ensure your social media is connecting you to your target customer.

Follow the below tips to grow your page and thrive on social media!

1) Forget the mentality that follow numbers are everything. Your grid is more than just pictures and numbers. Followers will come and go.

Focus your energy on keeping your existing followers happy, encouraging new followers, creating impressive content that adds value and focus on the positives.

2) Your content needs to be scroll stopping. This means something that will stop people in their tracks, it has the wow factor.

This will ensure you stand out from a sea of others in your field, and will help you connect with your target audience.

3) If you like someone’s post, comment! If you would like to see it again, save it. Double tap.

Genuine engagement is not only super helpful for someone’s own page, but starting a friendly, non-pressured, conversation will help you engage with new potential clients.

4) Give your followers value. This will not only place you as an expert in your field, which will draw in clients, but will also encourage new followers.

Share tips, create how to videos, answer their questions, advise them. If people can trust you to help, they are so much more likely to invest in you and your service/product.

5) Reels. It’s time to start creating Reels and showing your followers that you are current, creative and invested in making your page the best it can be.

6) Add prices to your posts. Stand by your prices and don’t be afraid to add them to each and every post so that your followers can gain the information they want quickly and easily.

Think of your social media platforms as a mini website, it needs to have everything you want someone to know about your business- and that includes prices.



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