5 Ways to Plan for an Avant Garde Collection

January 26, 2023

This week, we caught up with RUSH Editorial Director, Tina Farey, for a glimpse into the world of creative hairdressing. A revered name in the avant garde arena, Tina’s love of the unusual and the eclectic has a huge influence on her work. As a result, she has created some of the most unique and recognisable looks in her time.

Tina talks us through her favourite tips and techniques for creating an avant garde collection… 

“The world of avant garde has been a real passion of mine from the moment I joined the hairdressing industry. It’s incredibly creative; it pushes the boundaries of your skill as an individual whilst allowing you to be free and explore new depths of creativity. In the avant garde world, nothing is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; there really is no set rule book! Simply by experimenting with structures and exploring new textures and styles, you will very often find you have created something amazing.”

 “Regarded as one of the most innovative parts of our industry, there is no bounds to what you can create, the skills you can use and the products and physical textures that can be implemented. Starting off with a wig and a dolls head, let your imagination run free, and channel your creativity with something incredible.” 

“When planning to create an avant garde inspired look, there are several ways I would recommend beginning your journey into this very creative world…”


  • A great way to bring a style to a much more creative level, stencilling is a favourite with many avant garde stylists. Playing around with different stencils and patterns – and using the hair as a canvas – can produce some of the most mesmerising results, which can then be taken back to the salon. This head-turning technique can elevate any ordinary look. 


  • Wigs are amazing to work with, allowing you to transform any individual in an instant. Using wigs gives you the freedom to create larger-than-life styles, as well as the opportunity to experiment with colour and really push the limits without having to worry about damaging a client’s hair. Using a variety of wigs and hair pieces can take your vision to a whole new level; I just love the creative freedom that wigs provide. 

Architectural Inspiration 

  • I am very lucky to visit many different places around the world as part of my hairdressing career, with this comes architectural inspiration. I am constantly taking in the shapes and structures from my different surroundings – I have even implemented the shapes of various famous buildings into my work! Take in everything you see, and keep this at the back of your mind for future work and collections. 

Partnership of Textures 

  • With avant garde, there is not a single boundary. Using different textures is highly encouraged; it is what gives the look its creative edge. Take the chance to include layers, height, waves and backcombed areas – whatever you want to try, go ahead and do it. I have done this in 90% of my looks – from the voluminous backcombed bowl at the LCT where we created the Rush Circus, to the painted colour structures of Colin Horgan at Fashion Week – using a variety of textures is very much a trend in the avant garde world. 

Extraordinary Materials 

  • Within avant garde hairdressing, using other materials is also hugely encouraged; sometimes hair is just not enough. Materials such as leather, metal, fabrics – anything that can be used to mould or add style – is welcomed. 

Be eccentric and enjoy what you are creating. 

5 Ways to Plan for an Avant Garde Collection 1