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5 Ways to Attract Your Dream Clients and Customers

April 08, 2021

Anna Khanna, 36 is the Director of social media management business Socialista Media.  Over the last few years, the business has gone from strength to strength.

With 100 clients and a tribe of staff working for her, Anna is the ultimate social media guru. Anna offers online training and live masterclasses to beauty businesses of all sizes, helping them meet their business goals.

Social media is the window into your business, think of it as your shop front. It’s a tool which is useful to draw in customers and clients, and when you follow the below five top tips, you’ll ATTRACT your dream clients, rather than having to find and seek them out. This leaves you time to focus on other aspects of your business whilst your watch your dream clients and customers roll in.

  • Create Shareable, Relatable and Exciting Content

Use memes and infographics that are attractive to look at, funny and will encourage your followers to share. Share your results and services, add value with your content, giving free tips and advice providing your followers with a reason to stick around and engage which helps them in some way.

Finally, current affairs, has a celebrity done something recently that was interesting / funny or perhaps it applies to your business? Creating interesting content that’s shareable, relatable and exciting will draw in followers that will turn into your ideal clients.

  • Reels help sales

Reels are great way to showcase what you offer and share what’s coming soon. It’s a scroll stopping way to ensure your followers engage with your posts, and will draw in potential clients. Ensure you use trending songs that are popular on the likes of Tik Tok and share a wide variety of information using high quality edits.

  • Use hashtags to draw in clients

Remember hashtags are FREE reach and will help you to reach new clients, so ensure you are using them under every post. Hashtag your services, your location, check out who’s in the hashtag and aim for a reach of 1K-500K.

  • Run ads that get you seen

To run a successful advert on social media, use quality pictures and videos, caption the picture or video with a call to action so that the follower is engaging with your content, choose an audience that reflects your dream client and then create a daily budget.

Simple and effective is the way forward, don’t over complicate an advert with lots of pictures and information.

  • Influencer Marketing

Prepare to invest with influencer marketing. Do your research to ensure the influencer is aligned with your brand and that your target client would follow and interact with said influencer, making sure you know who your target audience is.

Influencers can help boost your sales and followers, so if you have the budget and are prepared to invest then it’s well worth it. If you don’t have the budget, perhaps use a micro-influencer that may be cheaper, or speak to various agents who are able to help you find the best fit for your brand, that works for both your budget and audience. With influencers it can be a case of trial and error, there is no winning formula but the results are very much worth it.

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