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4 Top Tips to ensure your social media portrays your brand identity

April 01, 2022

Anil Salhan, owner of BLACC + BLOND shares his tips to ensure your social media portrays your brand identity.

Clients will visit your social media profiles to read reviews and to see images of your work, but they will also go on to see if your brand is right for them. Does your brand have a similar ethos to that of the client? It’s important that clients are able to see from your profiles what your salon is all about and what is important to you.

4 Top Tips to ensure your social media portrays your brand identity 1

At BLACC + BLOND we promote all aspects of our business on our social media via graphics, videos and interviews to make clients aware and to help them decide whether our salon is ‘for them’ or not. By being sustainable and gender neutral, this will attract a wider clientele to our salon.

Salons that don’t showcase these aspects of their business are likely to lose clients and have clients going elsewhere because they can’t identify with the salon and they aren’t aware of the great things they are doing and what they are trying to achieve that may be in line with their own ethics. 

Clients are looking at social media to see how professional your brand is and if it looks credible. This can be shown in your hair work but also on the way your overall profile looks and is displayed. At BLACC + BLOND we think it’s so important that the branding of our social media pages is the same as our branding within the salon, on our website and in any of our marketing materials – everything has to be consistent.

We use the same coloured graphics on our social media pages that are in our logo and reflected in our salon design and we try to keep our social media platforms exactly like our salon – minimalistic, modern and conceptual. This creates a cohesive brand identity whereby clients can easily identify your salon and it also provides a unified experience for new clients and existing clients.

My 4 Top Tips

  1. Ensure your logo, fonts and colour palettes are consistent across your platforms. Keep this uniform, using the same colour and fonts not only on Instagram feeds but also on stories and highlights.
  2. Create a tone of voice and always speak to your new and potential clients in this tone – this will help to make you identifiable and help with building relationships. However, bear in mind that you may have an older audience on one platform e.g. Facebook, so you may want to alter some of your text where appropriate to ensure you are getting any messages across in the right way and to all audiences.
  3. Create regular content that shows what you do – try to post every day or few days, not only client photos but also what you’re doing in the salon, any new goals/achievements and new campaigns or initiatives you are working on. It’s also important to post images of your space to allow clients to visualise themselves in it and to attract them to the space if your salon like ours, has a unique look.
  4. Measure your branding. This can be done by looking at your social media statistics, are you getting tags, shares, comments? Are people engaging with you? Engagement is great for growth and also helping to achieve more clients and loyal clients. Always be sure to engage by replying back to comments and answering any questions. This will again show clients that you care and have a positive impact on your brand.