4 Top Festival Looks

June 30, 2022

Thomas Hills, Director, of TH1 Hair, reveals his hottest festival hair trends for summer 2022.


Space buns, especially elevated ones, are going nowhere this festival season, with the trend set to be a huge hit for festival-goers in 2022. This is a super versatile style that works with any hair texture and is great for those clients looking to create an easy look with lived-in locks that need a bit of TLC, as hair simply needs to be parted and two pigtails twisted into buns in a matter of minutes, or half up, half down (as sported by Billie Eilish at this year’s Glastonbury).

Braided details also offer some extra festival-fused-with-the-90s vibes. It’s a stellar style that can be elevated one step further with the addition of hair oil and glitter in the parting or some embellished grips for those who wanna be adorned.


The totally textured look is perfect for those clients who are a little wild at heart and want to make some serious waves this festival season.

This two-tone textured Afro, from my Juxtaposition collection, is the perfect look for those looking to create some lived-in locks to last the distance. Volume is key, so get your Afro clients to encourage more volume on their locks by blow-drying on medium heat at the roots, or by using a hair pick (with flexible rubber or metal teeth) at the roots.

Those looking to recreate the look on straighter locks can braid damp hair and leave it overnight, before undoing it the following day and adding some texture spray or dry shampoo. A bit of backcombing will help turn up the festival volume even more, too.



One of the hottest hues this festival season is sunshine-hued hair. Imbued with solar power, when worn bold, in a single tone, it screams summer and offers vibrant colour creativity with a hint of highlighter (as pictured below in this canary yellow style from my Wink collection).

What I love about bold shades like these is that they’re intentionally artificial, with a look-at-me appeal that resonates with those clients, both young and old, looking to live life to the max this summer.

Illuminating to this degree requires serious in-salon colour commitment, so for those clients not looking to take the full prismatic plunge just yet, temporary tones will be the perfect festival tonic.


Messy mohawks are always a sure-fire festival winner, allowing clients to create various styles to rock the party.

The beauty of this style is in its versatility: hair can either be blast-dried, before being teased and backcombed, with the longer top strands crimped for added texture or if clients aren’t looking to commit to shaving the sides of their head I’m a huge fan of the glossy ‘faux hawk’ where the sides of the hair are left hair shorter, not shaved; a much wearable alternative.

One of my favourites (as pictured in my Wink collection here) is the ‘braid-hawk’ – a commitment-free option for clients where scalp braiding the sides of the hair negates the need to shave them. Adding texture and body to a longer middle section leaves a thoroughly modern finish that’s perfect for some fun in the sun.