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4 Consultation Tips for Blonde Clients

July 15, 2021

The consultation is the most important part of any colour conversation, and according to Matrix Artist, Niall McNulty, the number one priority is managing client expectations.

“A consultation is about finding out what the client wants, and what is achievable and should be held before every colour appointment,’ he stresses. “Clients can arrive with a preconceived idea of what their hair will look like when they leave, so it’s important that we don’t over promise, and fully explain what is achievable in this appointment and explaining their journey towards the desired result.”

At the moment lots of clients are opting for blonde hair – either colour corrections from lockdown, or wanting to go lighter for the summer months. Here’s Niall’s tips for a great blonde consultation.

1  Always start any blonding consultation by finding out the client’s ideal maintenance time and commitment.

This will help you advise what service best suits their salon visits and homecare routines. It will also give you an idea of possible recommendations between a super-low maintenance balayage, or a high-maintenance full head of highlights.

2 As experts, recommend the right homecare regime.

It’s our job and responsibility as a colourist to fully explain the homecare necessities, from top-up toning appointments to treatments or specific  haircare ranges. Introduce them to a haircare range such as Unbreak My Blonde from Matrix and they will see the benefits of using a professional range to care for their blonde. This will re-enforce your position as the expert in colour.

3 Understanding their previous hair colour treatments will help to assess the condition and choose what products to use when lifting.

Are you working on previously lightened hair? Do they need extra protection with a product like Lightmaster 8 with bonder inside? Or should you be avoiding lightener and using a high lift tint instead? It might be a course of treatments is needed before you can begin. All of this analysis will avoid any unexpected or disappointing results from both sides.

4 Pictures are a great visual aid for inspiration.

As well as a picture of what they like, ask the client to bring a picture of a hair colour they don’t like; I find I can learn more from what they don’t like as well as what they do like. Ask them to point out what they do like; we see the whole look but they may only be drawn to one section such as the face frame or the brightness in certain areas.

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