3 Valentine’s Day Marketing Tactics to Try This Year

February 09, 2024

As with any key retail day in your marketing calendar, Valentine’s Day requires a specific campaign to be planned, strategised and carried out. With less than a week to go, we sat down with Phorest digital marketing expert, Avril Kealy, to find out her top tips for maximising on seasonal marketing…


  1. Automated Marketing Saves Time and Effort
  • Automated salon marketing tools – including emails, SMS messages and social media ads – are a gamechanger for salon owners. Particularly for the key seasonal dates like Valentine’s, automated marketing allows you to stay connected with your clients without having to spend too much time or effort on communication.
  • Plan your marketing strategy in advance to make the most out of it. Curating Valentine’s focused messages, for example, can let your clients know that slots are filling fast and that they should book soon. Automated marketing allows you to keep that all-important communication loop that clients love so much, whilst also working to make your business more money.


  1. Advertise Gift Vouchers Online
  • Salon gift vouchers are an extremely popular present for Valentine’s! With many clients wanting to leave hints to their partners, make sure you salon is not missing out. I recommend making it easier for your gift cards to be purchased by offering them online; when gift cards are available to download as soon as someone purchases them, it not only saves the buyer the hassle of having to visit the salon and pick them up in person, but it also allows you to generate revenue without any effort.
  • Don’t forget to also advertise your gift cards using SMS, email marketing and social media ads. These should all contain strong ‘calls to action’ (CTAs) and link back to your gift card buying portal. Get the word out there that you have the perfect gift idea, completely available to purchase at a click!


  1. Open Your Online Store
  • Opening an online store has several advantages, especially during key retail gifting times like Valentine’s. Not only does this allow salon owners to reach an audience beyond their regular clients, but it saves time and physical space in the salon too.
  • To supercharge your retail sales this year, why not open a system-linked online store to start selling your products online immediately – without the hassle of manual product uploads. With more time available for you to focus on marketing, you can start advertising your products as the perfect Valentine’s gifts, boosting your online presence and your revenue while doing so!