3 reasons why embracing change is good for business By Brian MacMillan, F&M Hairdressing

July 21, 2022

Our salon lives as we know it has changed drastically from what we’ve ever known thanks to the global pandemic which has been a rollercoaster to say the least. But even though it was incredibly difficult, it was a chance to take the business by the horns and refocus, rejig and revitalise it once again.

Although change can be a little intimidating, it can also be good for business and a chance to make things much better for everyone involved. 

It gives you a chance to reset

When change comes around, it’s not something that you can do instantly. In business it takes time, a lot of patience and effort to get things right and the way you want it for your business to be successful.

During this process, this gives you a real chance to reset – go back to basics and see where you were and where you are now looking at everything in between. Sometimes taking a bit of time to breath and recharge is just what you need.

You can take a step back and review

Look at change with a positive mindset, think to yourself – this is a chance to make things even better than they already are. During change, you are able to evaluate the area you are working on, something that you may have put off for a while.

This is a chance for you to make some positive decision about your business, making it the best it can be. This may be the time you need to refocus and get into a new mindset, ready for the future.

It can enhance your business

Change can be very positive for business, although it can be scary, it can have a very positive influence and be just what the business needs. You may want to try something new but have been apprehensive to do so, but embracing the new change can work wonders for your business.

Take the pandemic for example – this forced us to embrace the digital world more than ever before. Although we had been forced to move everything digital in terms of communication and work (not practical of course) this actually allowed us to reach new markets, tap into new engagement tactics and maximised our brand awareness.