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3 Perfect Blondes to Try This Spring

March 15, 2024

2023 saw the takeover of two of the world’s most famous blondes – Barbie and Taylor Swift.  With warmer blondes rapidly on the rise as we transition into the warmer months, 2024 promises to be no different. If you have clients looking to move away from icier blondes for another year, Joico UK Blonde Ambassador, Lea Shaw, discusses which of this season’s trending transitional blondes will leave them feeling like a brand-new person…


Muted Blonde

3 Perfect Blondes to Try This Spring | Lea Shaw, Joico UK Blonde Ambassador 1

The ‘Taylor Swift Effect’ has caused a huge a rise in clients asking for this stunning shade – and rightly so! This tawny, mousey blonde is perfect for the transition into the warmer months. Its versatility means the subtle shade can work for most colour palettes, with a cool acorn base and subtle blonde pieces blended throughout the hair. Muted blonde can be effortlessly personalised to suit your features and skin tone without being too much of a change. This is the ideal colour for those not wanting to commit to the upkeep of brighter blondes, or those who are transitioning to a darker shade and just want to try something new.


Creamed Honey

3 Perfect Blondes to Try This Spring | Lea Shaw, Joico UK Blonde Ambassador 2

Whilst ‘Cosy Blonde’ took over at the end of 2023, now say hello to its sister – Creamed Honey. Super-polished hair is trending this season, and creamed honey is one of the best shades to go for those ‘old money’ vibes. Perfect for those with warmer undertones, this dreamy, creamy shade strikes the perfect balance between dark and light. It’s a perfect honey hue for those who want to go lighter, but not completely ice blonde.


Golden Hour Blonde

3 Perfect Blondes to Try This Spring | Lea Shaw, Joico UK Blonde Ambassador 3

The golden girl of the blonde world – Golden Hour Blonde. As soon as the sun starts to peek through those dark wintery clouds, many clients have just one thing on their mind – going blonder! This golden, sun-kissed hue is perfect to warm up the transition into spring. The shade is a favourite amongst celebrities and clients alike, giving the illusion of the highlights that would appear naturally after sitting in the sun for a long period of time. To achieve the golden hour blonde, I recommend starting with a blonde base to lighten the hair, then blending darker highlights to give the hair that warmer hue.

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