2023 Hair Trends with Jonathan Andrew

January 11, 2023

Check out these 2023 Hair Trends from Fudge Professional Global Brand Ambassador Jonathan Andrew…


  • For 2023, with regards to colour, I think we’ll get a big influx of pastel tones – especially with the new Pantone Colour of the Year, Viva Magenta, becoming popular. Softer tones will definitely be in this year, particularly for those who usually opt for a bleached blonde look.

  • Soft-light brunettes will be on trend too. This elevates the usual darker tones with soft highlights that are a few shades lighter than the all-over brunette. It gives a face framing colour tone that really just makes the colour pop; this creates a stunning multidimensional finish.

  • I also think we’ll be seeing a lot more champagne-blondes due to the resurgence of many 70s hairstyles. The champagne tone really compliments bigger, more dimensional hair.

  • For blondes, a must have for keeping hair looking fab all year round is the Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Damage Rewind range (From £15). The range has a wide variety of products to ensure your blonde stays looking fabulous in-between salon appointments.

 Blow-dries are back!

  • Blow-dries will be back for 2023. So, as hairdressers, we’ll be conscious of creating haircuts that lend well to blow-dries at home – like the classic 70s ‘Shag’ haircut.

  • It’s all about the laid back luxe this year, opting for a much more glossy and polished finish to accompany these voluminous blow-dries. I expect to see a lot of haircuts being centred around the opportunity to give blow-dries a shape, but also being a major factor in the way that people wear it, from the short bobs to the slightly longer shag.
  • For the perfect blow-dry, one product I would recommend is the Fudge Professional Blow-Dry Aqua Primer (£16). It essentially creates a virtual umbrella for the hair, delivering all day humidity resistance and frizz control, improved softness, and visible shine.

2023 Hair Trends with Jonathan Andrew 1

Shorter hair is back on point

  • The Bob has officially returned for 2023! In a major comeback, this look is worn shorter with a box-bob – this keeps the structure and shape whilst also adding in super soft layers. People are really getting more creative with hairstyling, so we’re definitely starting to see the Bob have a big resurgence – specifically with the chic, textured look dominating.
  • Pixie cuts are also making a little bit of a comeback; I’m expecting to see many more shorter haircuts throughout 2023. People are also becoming much more creative with their hair, allowing textured pixie cuts to emerge too.