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10 Positive plans to make now

April 23, 2020

Award-winning salon owner Caroline Sanderson heads up the Salon Jedi Coaching Academy, and as part of her £100k pledge to support salons during lockdown Caroline is offering her NEW M.i.n.d.f.u.l Salon Source Code (RRP £297 for the course) completely FREE for 336 salon owners across the world to help them navigate through the current climate.


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Caroline experienced 398% growth during the last recession, trebling business at a time of doom and gloom. She has a host of foolproof tried and tested business tips that will be especially relevant to salons during this unprecedented time of uncertainty, and here she shares her top positive plans to make now…

“The fear is real for many salon owners right now so it’s crucial to use this time to empower your mind rather than focus on fear and scarcity.


1 Build a VIP inner circle whatsapp group where people in there get first notice on everything, and use it to promote a one day voucher sale or other perks that would appeal to your biggest and most loyal spenders. This group is great as they know it’s for offers and first notice of things, so will be great for last minute space filling in future.

2 Post regularly on Facebook and social media to entertain clients. Be a positive memory for them during this time – we have done guess the roots, riddles and puzzles and an easter egg decorating competition where they voted for our team’s eggs. This also got the team involved creatively too.

3 If you haven’t already, start an Engagement Facebook Strategy. The people who engage can go into a Facebook audience for future remarketing so aim for comments, likes and video views.

4 It might sound counter-productive when you’re closed but do some Engagement with Paid Ads, eg, getting more people watching your videos (either lives or recorded.) Get as many video views as possible from a highly targeted local audience as you’ll be able to retarget them with your ads when you reopen –  add them to your warm pool audience of people who are already aware of you. 

5 Launch a messenger bot quiz for clients. We created one as a Facebook advert connected to the quiz bot. It’s engaging, fun and we offer prizes that bring the clients to the salon when we reopen. 

6 Run a Facebook advert offering clients a Facebook message notification when you reopen by using ‘one time notification’ in your messenger bot connected to the advert.

7 Post hair tips for hiding roots and pinning up hair. It doesn’t need to be your video – if you see a good one on youtube just share it. Email your list with hair tips as well and let them know you’re there to answer any individual questions they have in the meantime.

8 Ask clients to wait for you – embrace your roots with them! Remind them the reasons why they shouldn’t reach for box dye for example. We created a ‘We miss you, please wait for us!’ video.

9 Start working on ideas of what we can give the NHS and front line workers when we return.  Where can you get stuff for goody bags for them, and can you offer a bespoke thank you gift for them?

10 Still give to charity; however small, we get more of what we give out. Giving is an abundant mindset so you always seem to get more back even though that’s not why we do it. When I get my grant I will still donate a percentage to our local food bank.

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