Up-do Chic Step-by-step | Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson’s step by step guide to elevated glamour using the new ghd unplugged to create this stacked chignon.

“From slouch to sleek – its time for a reality revival.”


You will need

Step 1

Using ghd tail comb, take a low side parting.

Step 2

Using ghd unplugged, smooth over the hair and create direction.

Step 3

Then continue the parting down behind the ear to the back hairline.

Step 4

On the high side of the parting, using a ghd oval dressing brush, comb all the hair back into a low pony.

Step 5

Secure with elastic

Step 6

Use ghd unplugged to direct the loose hair directly up.

Step 7

Using a ghd oval dressing brush, comb the hair up.

Step 8

Begin to twist the section towards the back.

Step 9

Pin as you travel to secure.

Step 10

Continue until you meet the ponytail.

Step 11

Gently twist all the hair in the pony and secure with elastic.

Step 12

Spritz the side with ghd perfect ending to add strength to the height and using the ghd helios with a sock diffuser, set the side.

Step 13

Twist the ponytail.

Step 14

Wrap at the nape around the base and secure with pins.

Step 15

Set the shape with ghd perfect ending.