The Wolf Blow | James Earnshaw for ghd

James Earnshaw, UK Trade Ambassador for ghd, shows you how to achieve the ultimate cool summer blow. From the ghd Summer Collection 2022: here he demonstrates The Wolf Blow.


You will need

Tools or Products

ghd detangling comb

ghd body goals total volume foam

ghd size 2 ceramic vented radial brush

Step 1

PREP apply ghd body goals total volume foam.

Step 2

COMB the hair using ghd detangling comb.

Step 3

PRE DRY to 80% dry.

Step 4

SECTION divide the hair diagonally back  from the ear on both sides.

Step 5

HAIR SECTION & ANGLE take a 3 inch back section of hair and place ghd size 2 ceramic vented radial brush parallel to the section.

Step 6

TURN rotate the brush in the ends diagonally roll up towards the root to dry.

Step 7

TRAVEL glide on base at 45deg, twisting as you travel to lock in the texture.

Step 8

CONTINUE always directing the hair away from the face.

Step 9

CONTINUE until all the hair has been styled this way.

Step 10

FINISH massage the roots to blend the texture.

Step 11

DRESS using ghd detangling comb to pad the texture.

James Earnshaw