Remi Cachet | Micro Tapes

Complete service time with preparation and styling: 45 mins – 1 hour.


  • Shorter lengths like bobs as they are only 10” lengths
  • Fine hair as the bonds are super discreet
  • Damaged and broken hair
  • Side fillers
  • Face framing



BEFORE: Wash with our clarifying shampoo to remove any product build up and to aid the adhesion of the tape hair before drying and allowing the hair to cool.

You will need

Remi Cachet Micro Tapes

We use 9/613 Light Ash Brown/Blonde

Tape hair pliers Extensions
Step 1

After sectioning the hair, secure in place.   Working on one side of the head with a section comb, take a sub section slightly smaller than 2cm wide with enough support density.  Ensure section is neat, with no stay hairs.

Remi Cachet | Micro Tapes 2
Step 2

Remove the tape on the Micro Tab ready for application.  Lift the sub section of hair slightly to be able to place one Micro Tab underneath, sticky side up and push up into the hair.

Remi Cachet | Micro Tapes 3
Step 3

Remove the tape on the second Micro Tape, sticky side down and place over the top of the first to match up.  Ensure you leave enough room for movement up and down and to avid tension on the natural hair.

Remi Cachet | Micro Tapes 4
Step 4

Press the tabs together with your fingers and then with tape hair pliers to ensure no air gaps remain between the taps and the adhesive has fused to the hair securely.  It is essential to ensure the edges are all sealed.

Remi Cachet | Micro Tapes 5
Step 5

Fitting 8 sections per side, with a total of 32 individual Micro tapes used to complete the look.   Colour used is 9/613 Light Ash Brown/Blonde.

Remi Cachet | Micro Tapes 6
Step 6

Hair was trimmed to make strong bob shape, lightly run over with straighteners to smooth down.   

Remi Cachet | Micro Tapes 8
Step 7

Working with a ghd Platinum Styler to create the soft waves version.

Remi Cachet | Micro Tapes 9

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Vicky Hedley

Katy Quinn