Power Pony

This textured ponytail is the ideal way to tame holiday hair. Slick at the front and wild at the back, session stylist Patrick Wilson details how to create the ultimate Power Pony, as created for Rochelle Humes at Coachella.

You will need


ghd total volume foam

ghd curl hold spray

ghd final fix hairspray


ghd tail comb

ghd oval dressing brush

ghd air hairdryer

ghd curve creative curl wand


hair extensions

Step 1
Spritz hair all over with water so that it’s wet, but not soaking.
Step 2
Create a deep side parting using the ghd tail comb.
Step 3
Apply ghd total volume foam throughout the hair to smooth and control frizz.
Step 4
Pull hair back into a low ponytail using the new ghd oval dressing brush, made with nylon bristles to help deliver a sleek finish, and secure with a hair elastic. For a fuller ponytail, add in some hair extensions here.
Step 5
Spritz the ponytail with ghd curl hold spray and dry into the hair using the ghd air® saharan gold hairdryer.
Step 6
Taking small sections, create a tight curl by wrapping hair around smallest part of the barrel of the ghd curve® creative curl wand for about 5-8 seconds. Repeat until all of the ponytail is curled.
Step 7
Backcomb all over to add extreme volume and texture, then spray with ghd final fix hairspray to finish.

Patrick Wilson for ghd