Perfect Waves | Diva Pro

GET THE LOOK | Achieve these gorgeous waves with Diva Pro in these 4 simple steps!

You will need

Tools or products

Diva Atmos and nozzle attachment

Texturising spray

Diva 32mm Digital Tong


Hair Brush

Step 1

To smooth out the hair, lightly brush it whilst using your Diva Atmos Dry on low setting with a concentrator nozzle attachment for greater control and precision airflow. Next use texturising spray, to give a little more volume and definition particularly with lighter/thinner hair. 

Step 2

Starting from the base of the neck, take 2cm sections of hair and start to curl using the Diva 32mm Digital Tong. Ensure the top of the curling tong is facing the floor at the start of the curl, and always curl away from the face.

Step 3

Once all of the hair has been curled, brush them out gently using a soft flat brush taking care not to disturb the overall shape.

Step 4

Once the hair has been brushed out, again use the Diva 32mm digital tong to define each curve of the wave,  horizontally. Do not wind the hair onto the tong but clamp in place to secure the wave of curl. It is best to use hairspray before using the tongs to provide more strength in the hair.

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