Man Curls by Curlformers

 Men’s perming is becoming increasingly popular; guys are open to a service that will give them the texture they want and many salons have seen an upturn in requests from men looking to emulate the likes of Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington’s dishevelled curls.

Further curl inspiration comes courtesy of Nick Jonas; Adam Brody and Harry Styles among others and perming can give a range of finishes from a bit of texture and wave to a tighter, more defined curl.

Here, Hairflair educator Carolyn Walker shows us how to create waves using Curlformers® with no end papers, no winding, no fuss.

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You will need

Step 1

Before pic : Cleanse hair with a clarifying shampoo

Step 2

(During (couple of CFs): Starting at the front, apply the Curlformers in a random pattern, working through to the crown. (We used the 20cm Short  Spiral Curlformer, available in packs of 10.)

Step 3

(All CFs): It takes approximately 15 minutes to apply a full head of Curlformers like this. Work with zig zag sectioning to ensure soft root results for that ’not just done’ look.

Step 4

(protection with cotton wool/paper towering & Perm lotion application): Protect your client by using cotton wool or paper towelling to wrap around the Curlformers, then apply a perm lotion and work according to manufacturers’ instructions.

Step 5

(test curl) Do a test curl and check for a soft S bend. When developed rinse hair for approximately 10 minutes to remove all the perm lotion. Gently towel dry & remove any moisture.

Step 6

(neutraliser) Again wrap cotton wool or paper towel around the Curlformers & apply the neutraliser. Develop as per your manufacturers’ instructions.

Step 7

(pic with CFs out) Rinse and apply conditioner, then style, blow, and diffuse.

Step 8

You have your finished look.