Ice Queen with

You will need

Style Zero Yellow Shampoo TAB>U Style 15 in 1 Liss Spray TAB>U Style Magic Pump Powder TAB>U Style Elastic Stringy Paste

Color Deco Cream Plus+ Lux Activator 10% Inblonde Ice Morning

Formula No.1 ( Direct Bang .11 Blue 1 part + TAB>U Fard Booster Shine 15 part

Step 1
Bleach hair to a platinum blonde using Deco Creamplus+. Tone with Sens.ùs Inblonde Ice Morning. Create a rectangular area at the top of the head that goes from the outer corner of the eye on both sides.
Step 2
Divide the rectangular area into three triangles, leaving a 3 cm horizontal section at the front hairline. Apply Formula No.1 to the lengths and ends of this section.
Step 3
Isolate with a thermal sheet.
Step 4
Let down the first triangle on the right at the top. Mark out a 1 cm wide diagonal section and apply Formula No.1 to lengths and ends.
Step 5
Continue coloring 1 cm sections, taking care to keep 2-3 cm from the roots.
Step 6
Repeat the same technique in the opposite triangle.
Step 7
Separate each colored section with a thermal sheet.
Step 8
Let down the central triangle and mark out a 1 cm diagonal section. Color this section using Formula No.1
Step 9
Continue coloring 1 cm sections, take care to keep 2-3 cm from the roots.
Step 10
Leave to develop. Rinse thoroughly, taking care not to mix the fringe color with Formula No.1