Glamoween | Angel glitter hair

Want to get extra insta-worthy hair this halloween but no idea where to start? Well look no further, ghd has all the inspo you need for all your scary but chic halloween hair.

You will need

Step 1

Curl all your hair using ghd soft curl tong (£120), placing it vertically in your hair

Step 2

Wrap your hair around the barrel 2 to 3 times (depending on length)

Step 3

Keeping a tight hold on the ends, glide the ghd soft curl tong (£120) up and down the section, slowly four times and release

Step 4

Continue to curl all the hair this way, alternating the direction from section to section then dress with the ghd detangling comb (£7.50)

Step 5

Make a pony from the top of the ear to the crown

Step 6

Divide the pony into two sections, A and B and place a section clip section B

Step 7

Subdivide section A into 2 and wrap under section B and secure with an elastic

Step 8

Take the section clip out of section B, subdivide into 2, wrap under section A and secure with an elastic

Step 9

Continue till you reach the end of the hair and pinch and pull the sections to wide

Step 10

Spritz the pony with glitter spray on alternate pulls