Glamoween | Alien Hair

Want to get extra insta-worthy hair this halloween but no idea where to start? Well look no further, ghd has all the inspo you need for all your scary but chic halloween hair.

You will need

Step 1

Starting in the centre front hair line, take a triangle section to the crown

Step 2

Take two smaller triangle sections on each side of the first, leaving a little hair out around the face

Step 3

Comb all the hair back using a little ghd curl hold spray (£12.95)

Step 4

Starting at the front of the section, roll the hair along the scalp

Step 5

Move your fingers down the section to lengthen the twist. Stop at the crown level

Step 6

Continue in all the pre done sections

Step 7

Pinch and pull the top section add height

Step 8

With all the hair that is down, using ghd gold styler (£139), feed your hair though your straightener, moving from side to side when feeding the hair in to create a flat wave

Step 9

Continue over all your hair

Step 10

Using your fingers, massage the scalp to soften the texture