Flowers in her hair

The team at HK London share their modern boho-style to showcase their on-trend looks created for their Kings Road clients. Here’s how to achieve their garden-inspired look of the season just in time for summer.

You will need


Hair Band



Hair Spray

Step 1
The hair was prepared with Kerastase Resistence Volumifique range to add volume and texture to the fine hair and aids root lift. After a gentle blow dry, Techni Art Constructor was used to build texture before styling.
Step 2
Taking small sections of hair approximately 2cm deep and twisting before wrapping around the BaByliss PRO Curling Iron 38mm barrel to create a soft wave.   Holding the barrel vertically for a few seconds before releasing.
Step 3
Repeat throughout the hair being mindful to always work the hair in the same direction.  Leave the curls loose as your work around the hair.
Step 4
For the front and crown, a strongly defined centre parting was created and the wave starts approximately 5cm down from the parting.
Step 5
Using a natural boar bristle cushioned brush to gently brush through the hair and create soft natural-looking waves and shine.  Set with a little spritz of Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer to prevent flyway hair and help hold the curls.
Step 6
Taking a small section of hair approximately 2cm square on the right side above the ear.   Twisting the hair, taking it over the crown and securing with a pin at the other ear. Repeat the process on the right over to the left to create a hair band. This will form a secure base for the hair accessories.
Step 7
Taking sections across the hair at the crown and back combing to add volume behind the twisted bands of hair.
Step 8
Carefully selecting the flowers with strong stems and to keep a little green foliage to blend with the look; choose the smaller blooms if you are planning on using several flowers.  The stems were cut on an angle and wrapped the ends with a little foil to keep the flowers fresher for longer and to prevent any sap leaking on to the hair.
Step 9
Working with the lilac’s soft violet cone-shapes in one complete length, drape over the twisted hair bands and secure in place with bobby pins, coloured to blend with the hair, at regular intervals across the twisted hair band.  The twisted hair should help grip and secure the stems in place.
Step 10
Placing three well chosen lilac within the hair band; one on either side of the head and one at the back, and all flowing in the same direction.   Secure the stems with pins. Even a messy hair is elevated with a few well-placed blooms to create an elegant statement.

Toni and Guy

Katie Moore

Chris Bulezuik

Dan Lowther