Effortless Waves with Diva Pro Styling

You will need

You will need:

Texturising spray

Gold Dust Multi Waver and Curler

Hair brush


Step 1

To achieve this effortless wave look, start by prepping the hair using texturising spray to get enough hold, and build volume in the hair. Start to section the hair in quarters.

Step 2

With a simple turn of a dial you can easily change the depth of the Gold Dust Multi Waver and Curler up to 4 different heights. For this look, going for the deepest setting is key to giving a more defined wave finish. 

Step 3

Start at the back of the hair using 5cm sections at a time. Starting near the root, clamp the tool through the hair until you reach the end, the same way you would with a crimper. To create an even final look, make sure that the waves align with each other.

Step 4

Once the hair is wavy, begin to neaten the sections and arrange them in a more structured way. 

Step 5

Start by gently brushing out the hair, following the quarterly sections from the beginning. This will create a more natural-looking hairstyle.

Step 6

Once these sections have been brushed out, the next step will be to emphasise the shape of the waves. To do so and ensure these waves are in place, use clips to fix the hair and use hairspray to strengthen.

Step 7

After placing the clips in the hair, make sure to frequently check results by removing a clip to check on the shape of the hair. When you are happy with the result, remove all clips and brush the ends of the hair to achieve a more organic, natural hairstyle.

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