Beehive Pony

Your client’s hair is walking advertising for your salon. So rather than letting them leave with a complicated style that looks amazing but won’t last, show them styles they can recreate at home to keep them coming back and bringing their friends with them.


You will need


Cloud Nine Airshot Hairdryer

Cloud Nine Original, Wide or Touch Irons

Round brush

Dressing brush




Cloud Nine Magical Potion

Cloud Nine Amplify Spray

Texture Spray


Step 1
Spritz your hair with Magical Potion and Amplify Spray then using the Airshot blow dry the hair smooth using a Round Brush   The Magical Potion can be sprayed liberally onto towel-dried hair as it’s a lightweight leave-in conditioner.  The product has a number of protecting and caring benefits which include reducing the blow-dry time by up to 50%, UV filter, heat protector, detangling and preventing frizz & flyways.
Step 2
Using the Waving & Curling Wand in random directions curl the whole head of hair.   Using the Wands will create soft subtle movement to the hair.  Remind your client that there is no right or wrong way of how the curl should sit as this will be dressed out anyway.
Step 3
Slightly back brush the root area using a Dressing Brush.   Let your client know that the Amplify Spray used earlier will give a slight hold to the backbrushed roots but won’t weigh the hair down.
Step 4
Gather all of the hair and brush over to one side.
Step 5
Place grips in a vertical line.   Show your client your favourite way of placing grips to make sure they stay in place.
Step 6
Back brush the mid lengths and ends and fold back on itself. Secure with pins and grips. Gently tease out the mid-lengths and ends.
Step 7
Finish with a Texture Spray or lightweight Hair Spray.

Cloud Nine