A natural curly finish with Great Lengths Perm

Great Lengths perm in three different textures, ranging from loose to tight curls…


You will need

Products used

 This look was created using 200 bonds in colours 03 Royal Oak and 05 Heavenly Hazel, using a red rod creating Texture 03 – medium curl

Step 1

Spray the perm with water to soften the curls. 

Step 2

Run through your hands, stretching out the curl, allowing the hair to drop. 

Step 3

Cut the Great Lengths bonds down to half the size, matching the client’s hair density. 

Step 4

Prep the hair with Great Lengths Clean Remover Shampoo, this will removing excess oils and any residue. 

Step 5

Section the client’s hair ready for application.  Take a ¼ inch by ¼ inch square section. Place the Protective Shield into the hair, lining up the top line with the horizontal section – this is your guide.

Step 6

Place the bond below the hair and fuse using the application arm, roll between fingers.  Continue this to complete a full row. 

Step 7

Continue this method working row by row up the head, alternating colours to create a seamless blended effect.

Step 8

Cut and blend the hair extensions with the client’s natural hair, leaving a texturised effect.  

Step 9

 Apply Great Lengths Hair Serum to the ends of the hair, leaving a beautiful, natural finish. 

Great Lengths