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Most searched Royal hairstyles and how to recreate them!

June 01, 2022

With the Queen’s Jubilee coming up this week, people across the country are gearing up to celebrate. And what better way to start the festivities than to replicate the iconic looks the royal family has displayed over the years?

To get into the spirit, Milk + Blush analysed Google Data to find the most searched for royal hairstyles of the past few years. Plus, Hair Expert Nicole Petty shares her top tips to recreate the most sought-after looks at home or in the salon.

1) Kate Middleton

According to the data, Kate Middleton is by far the most popular royal, with 2,400 average monthly searches for her hairstyles.

In the last four years, her most-searched hairstyle was for Princess Charlotte’s first day of school, where the Duchess of Cambridge displayed a fresh style featuring warm highlighted locks and a bouncy blowout. The autumnal style saw an increase in searches to 5,400 during September 2019.


Get Kate’s look:

To recreate Kate’s former signature style – otherwise known as the ‘Chelsea Blow-dry’ – her hairstylist recommends brushing hair through with an anti-bacterial, anti-static detangling brush, applying a bulking spritz and rough-drying until 25 percent dry on low heat.

Next, blow it out using a round bristle brush to curl the cuticles and finish by setting sections of the hair into velcro rollers until cool. Next, carefully remove the rollers, brush out the hairline using a round brush, dry the rest of the hair on a low heat and run your fingers through it.


2) Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle is the second-most-popular royal family member for hair inspiration, averaging 1,600 Google searches per month.

Unsurprisingly, her most-searched look was her bridal hair, which she wore in a loose, low chignon bun, gaining over 9,900 searches during May 2018 – the most searched royal hairstyle overall.

However, the look proved controversial as eagle-eyed critics at the time were quick to point out her face-framing layers straying during the ceremony.

But according to her stylist, the ‘messy’ look was planned – to give the new Duchess free rein to tuck her hair behind her ears during the day and make it easier for others to recreate the style at home, with the look only taking 45 minutes to complete.

Get Meghan’s look:

For those looking to copy Meghan’s laid-back wedding hair, focus on adding texture to the hair by loosely curling it with a large curling iron. Separate the hair into three sections, keeping the front sections free while pulling all the hair from behind the ears back into a low ponytail at the nape. Roll the ponytailed hair upwards to form the chignon bun and pin it in place.

Next, twist each front section away from the face and bring both tendrils back to meet the bun, crossing them over as you do so. Pin these in place and wrap the tail ends around a bobby pin and secure them discreetly within the bun. You can then pull out a few face-framing pieces to make the style look more casual.


3) Princess Diana

Notably, the late Princess Diana also had a spike in Google searches thanks to a TikToker recreating her signature hairstyle, with 1,300 searches for ‘Princess Diana hair’ in May last year.

The video, which currently has almost 20m views, shows TikToker @70srose transforming into the fashion icon by styling her hair in Diana’s feathered shag style with a striking resemblance.

Get Diana’s look:

Begin by curling each layer of hair using a thin, round hot brush to create Diana’s 80s-style blowout wispy curls.

Then, starting with the bottom layer, curl the hair downwards to add volume and length before moving to the shorter upper layers, styling them away from the face. To complete the look, curl sections of your fringe towards the crown before arranging them in a side-sweeping motion.


Completing the top few are Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Eugenie and Beatrice.