Shaping Futures

Shaping Futures

Shaping Futures

Schwarzkopf Professional announces its volunteer team for this year's trips to Mumbai and Delhi. 

A team of five volunteers is preparing to travel to India to educate and change the lives of disadvantaged young people in Mumbai and Delhi.

Since 2010 when Schwarzkopf Professional launched the social initiative they have worked with over 40 generous hairdressers who have given up over 800 days of time and expertise in order to transform the lives of those who need it.

Shaping futures in India this year are Jane DeFrancesco of Jane Creative Hair in Solihull and Lesley Maher, a freelance based in Dubai, Gemma Slade and Rhys Davidson of Coloured Soul in Dundee and Lauren Tudor of En Route in Wakefield.

Over two weeks the team will teach 25 students to cut, colour and blow-dry hair, supporting the young adults in getting the skills they need to land a job and earn a living. At the end of the course each student will be given a role as an apprentice in a large salon in India to begin their hairdressing journey.

Schwarzkopf Professional’s Natural Education Manager, Kay Brady says “We are so inspired by Janet and the 2017 team. Each year the volunteers blow us away with their gift to the Shaping Futures programme.”

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