Changes to Hair Apprenticeships

The NHF outlines key changes that will impact hairdressing apprenticeships from 1st May 2017.


From May 1st, changes will be taking place that will affect hairdressing apprenticeships in the UK. The National Federation has outlined what they will look like for us…

  • The new apprenticeships will be based on ‘hair professional’ standards developed by ‘Trailblazer’ groups of employers.
  • They will be set at a higer level than the existing Level 2 NVQ.
  • At the end of the apprenticeship training programme, Independent Apprenticeship Examiners will carry out practical tests.

End-point assessments

Apprentices will now be required to take a six-hour practical test covering a range of tasks that fully-training stylists undertake daily from shampooing, conditioning and consultation to cutting, styling, finishing, colouring and lightening hair. These will be assessed by the Independent Apprenticeship Examiner before determining whether they can officially enter the world of hairdressing.

Costs for employers

The way that apprenticeships are funded has also changed. The hair professionals standards are set at Band 9, which means that the maximum government funding is £9000, with employers contributing 10% of that (£900).

Large employers with a paybill of £3million or more will be paying the Apprenticeship Levy from April 2017. This means that 0.5% of their paybill will be put into a pot for apprenticeship training.

Employers who take on a 16-18 year old will receive an incentive of £1000 per apprentice, and so will the training provider.

Small businesses with less that 50 employees who take on a 16-18 year old do not have to pay anything towards the cost of training and assessment. They will still receive the £1000 incentive.

For further information, please visit the NHF website.


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