On the Spot: Jack Howard

On the Spot: Jack Howard
On the Spot: Jack Howard

Armed with our favourite questions, we put hairdressing’s famous faces on the spot to find out what they’re really like. Celebrity colourist Jack Howard steps up.

The last #hashtag you used

We're all dressed up and ready to go. Where are you taking us?

Drinks at Soho House 76 and the on to dinner at Sexy Fish.

Current hair idol

Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Wilde and the ever iconic J-Lo.

Kit bag essential

A great tint brush, plastic wrap and some L’Oréal Platinium to create that sunkissed look.

Last thing you ate?

Oh good lord, a burger from the airport!

Biggest pet peeve?

Hairdressers without passion, and the fact that we aren’t all licensed to practice in the UK.

Biggest inspiration?

Life and how you learn from it.

Go to karaoke tune?

Wild Thing by The Troggs or Touch Me In the Morning by Diana Ross.

Short 'n' sharp or long and flowing?

The in between, something done but ‘undone’.

Favourite hairdressing memory

Too many to name, but I’m still here and loving what I do.

See Jack on stage at Pro Hair Live Manchester on 28th-29th February. Book your free ticket now.

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