On the Spot: Andy Heasman

On the Spot: Andy Heasman
On the Spot: Andy Heasman

Armed with our favourite questions, we put hairdressing’s famous faces on the spot to find out what they’re really like. RUSH International Creative Director Andy Heasman is put through his paces.

The last #hashtag you used

#bha #model #hair

We're all dressed up and ready to go. Where are you taking us?

Zuma, it’s my favourite restaurant.

Current hair idol

Justin Bieber, his hair is seriously cool at the moment.

Last thing you ate?

A superfood salad.

Biggest pet peeve?


Biggest inspiration?

The street.

Go to karaoke tune?

Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis.

Short 'n' sharp or long and flowing?

A mix, it’s impossible to choose!

Favourite hairdressing memory

We travelled Asia with the full Artistic Team and that is a memory I hold on to. It was a great time, not often does everyone get to go on trips. We travelled as a team, creating hair and being inspired by our surroundings. It was in incredible time.

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