Rising Star: Zoe Williams

Ken Picton Salon Director Zoe Williams is on a meteoric rise. She stepped out on stage for the first time at Pro Hair Live in 2015 and less than a year later has made the cut for the F.A.M.E. Team and L’Oréal ID artists, as well as securing her place in the Ken Picton art team. Follow her journey and inspirations for 2016.

Well hello there! I thought it’s about time I gave you a little update of our goings on with the fabulous F.A.M.E. Team. We recently spent a day with the genius that is Adam Reed. His endless collection of kit, reference books and stories about his experiences of the industry make his passion and knowledge evident.

He transformed his model over and over again for us, from simplistic session ponytails, to classic chignons, to editorial pleats, into huge avant-garde shapes and textures. Adam and his team take their work seriously but have great fun while they do it! He is very generous when it comes to sharing his knowledge and skills and was even happy for us to use equipment from his extensive kit bag! He workshopped how to properly prep hair ready for any kind of editorial work and we all left with so many new techniques.


We also spent a day with Bruce Masefield who gave us a brief overview of the fundamental principles of Sassoon’s and his personal career (working his way up to the position of UK Creative Director of the company). He  demonstrated a short haircut on a model for us, which was a really contemporary look incorporating a combination of the basic Sassoon techniques. We then had a workshop session where we worked on four completely different looks on each of our models. It was really interesting to work with back to basics, classic techniques, but using them to put a modern twist on the finished look. We all came away with new discipline in precision cutting, the importance of good finishing to showcase your work, and how the tiniest differences in things like sectioning, elevation and over direction can make a huge difference in the shape you create.


Our day with the master of dressing long hair, Patrick Cameron taught us everything there is to know about elegant, classic hair ups. He is so clever at what he does, he can literally create any shape he wants with one simple brush, a few normal hair grips and a tiny bit of hairspray, no clever tools and no gimmicks. As well as teaching us the step by steps of some of his looks, we also learned the importance of good communication on stage and how to take your audience on a journey with  you. Patrick has such a fun, enthusiastic personality, which along with his incredible talent is why I think he has become such an icon of our industry. We all had an absolute blast all day!

Keep your eyes peeled for an update on our F.A.M.E. Team trip to South Africa next time!

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