Rising Star: Zoe Williams

Ken Picton Salon Director Zoe Williams is on a meteoric rise. She stepped on stage for the first time at Pro Hair Live in 2015 and less than a year later has made the cut for the F.A.M.E. Team and L’Oréal ID artists, as well as securing her place in the Ken Picton art team. Follow her journey and inspirations for 2016.

So I thought I should share with you all, some of the amazing F.A.M.E Team mentoring days we’ve been lucky enough to have recently!


At the seanhanna Academy we spent the day with creative force behind the salon group, Skyler McDonald. Her specialty is Avante Garde show work and she shared with us some clever techniques including hair crocheting and using unusual objects she had picked up from various haberdasheries to create different effects in the hair.


At lunchtime Sean joined us, and told us about how he started the business and the day to day realities of running a salon group. Skyler also had some useful advice for us regarding team work: surrounding yourself with talented people and using that to learn and grow and not be threatened by it, as well as the importance of communicating well with your models, makeup artists and stylists. I think the highlight for us all was when talking about the element of surprise in a show, Skyler showed us a heat activated spray that changed colour in her model’s hair!


We also spent a day in Manchester with Sharon Peake and Adam Bryant of Ethos Hairdressing, which of course is where our F.A.M.E. Team’s very own Rosie Binns is from! Adam and Sharon are very interesting, talented individuals coming from very different career backgrounds, which make them an incredible creative duo. The focus of the day was the inspiration and thought processes behind the salon’s award winning collections as well as creative colouring techniques. As a stylist, not a colourist, I wondered if I would be out of my depth but the techniques were really visual like braiding the hair before applying pre-lightener to achieve the desired results. It was great to have a change of scenery and as the sun came out for us in Manchester, we were treated to a fantastic lunch at the very cool Albert’s Schloss! It was a really enjoyable, informal and inspiring day spent with lovely people.


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