Rising star: Zoe Williams

Ken Picton Salon Director Zoe Williams is on a meteoric rise. She stepped on stage for the first time at Pro Hair Live in 2015 and less than a year later has made the cut for the F.A.M.E. Team and L’Oréal ID artists, as well as securing her place in the Ken Picton art team. Follow her journey and inspirations for 2016.

For the first time, this year I worked on the Ken Picton Salon collection shoot. Planning for it began right back at the beginning of January where Ken, Paul Dennison and myself collected our ideas together in the form of notes and moodboards, before sharing our ideas at our meetings. Over the next few months  a plan for the collection evolved as we discussed our ideas, what we did and didn’t like, our influences and research.

I found the run up to the shoot quite stressful, it seemed like a lot of pressure that this collection would represent our salon as a brand and would cost Ken a lot of money. Would my ideas be good enough? I felt so lucky to be involved but it also felt like a lot to live up to.

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In the weeks prior to the shoot, communication between the three of us was quite difficult as Ken and Paul were touring South America with L’Oreal, but when they returned the final meetings and model castings were held and the prep could begin. Paul and I took a week out of the salon to make sure we could focus entirely on getting ready for the shoot: cuts, colours, making fringes and pieces and practicing some of the looks. It’s always great collaborating with Paul on creative projects, we share a lot of the same tastes in music, fashion and art so having someone with incredible colour knowledge and technique who’s also on your wavelength is really exciting.

The first day of the shoot went smoothly, almost too much so! We shot 7 models on each day – 14 in total, and a lot of the looks on the first day were the cuts and colours we’d already prepped so we weren’t left with a huge amount of work. The second day proved challenging and it was the day where I learnt the most from Ken. At times when I panic, he never loses his cool. When I get frustrated that something isn’t working, he’s not afraid to change it or start again. He’s never totally married to an idea, which has changed my opinion on things being planned to the finest detail. With his years of experience, he has developed a wonderfully organic approach to his creative work. I was reminded why he’s such an industry icon and how lucky I am to be able work so closely and learn from him.

The second day of the shoot was also my 29th birthday and I can certainly think of worse ways to spend it than being surrounded by such talented, creative people such as photographer Andrew O’Toole, make up artist Naoko Scintu and stylist Thea Lewis-Yates as well as the Ken Picton team including Lara Champion and Callum Hewett. All that’s left now is wait and see the finished images!


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