Access All Areas: Andrew Barton

Access All Areas: Andrew Barton
Access All Areas: Andrew Barton
Celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton is an icon of British hairdressing. Known for his trademark glamour, Andrew’s impressive back catalogue ranges from transformational TV work to award winning collections and sought after session styling. In his blog series, he offers Pro Hair readers an insight into the world of hairdressing royalty.

Travelling overseas presenting hair shows and seminars sounds glamorous, and in many ways it is, but it’s also a balancing act of lots of preparation and teamwork. I have been in Holland this month presenting a hair show for Affinage who I work with as their Global Creative Ambassador. The local team were well organised and professional, which always makes the visit to another country enjoyable. I was presenting spring/summer hair trends, which I am delighted to say was a sell out with over 200 guests. It’s always exciting to share your vision for hair trends and this season I’m working a lot with loose textures that give the hair movement. I often explain to my audience that scissors are just like a pencil and I like to think of my scissors as a way to sketch to hair cut.

My working week is always diverse and no two weeks are the same. I work with three brands as Creative Director for each, and they are all very different roles. Affinage is a delight and I am often working with their products and global education. Secondly, I work with Racoon International the hair extension experts, and thirdly Urban Retreat at Harrods, the world’s biggest hair and beauty destination. I also work a lot with the media and at various events around the UK promoting my signature hair care brand and appearing at events. This month saw me appear as guest presenter with Sameena Ali Khan, an ITV news reader presenter, at Solihull Fashion Week – an event which showcases local business.

Aside from my work, I completed my fifth London marathon in April; it was a thrill and great experience. London really does come out to support the 36,000 runners. I was raising money for a charity I work as patron for called Coram BAAF. It’s the UK’s oldest children’s charity and it particularly specialises in adoption and fostering. As an adopted child myself it’s a charity close to my heart. Will I run again next year? I don’t know! It’s pretty gruelling but even the training is such an amazing personal experience, and for me despite loving my work, it is a big release from every other aspect of my life – almost like a meditation.

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