Coachella might be well and truly over, but the festival calendar is just about to kick off here in the UK so get your glitter at the ready for this season’s biggest style.


  1. Prep the hair with some root lift and blow-dry with some volumising mousse…we want full, perky buns right?
  2. Split the hair into its natural parting, or a centre parting, or a zig-zag parting, or any parting you like!
  3. Make two ponytails and back comb each one for added texture.
  4. Twist the hair and pin into a circular ‘bun’ shape. You can be loose with this, the messier the better.
  5. Once your buns are in place it’s time to add the ‘space’ – glitter! Spray hairspray along the parting you’ve created – or Vaseline works best if you don’t mind a bit of grease the next day – and sprinkle on the glitter!

Ta-da! You’ve got this year’s festival style down and you look out of this world!


Scroll down for some Insta inspo…


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