TIGI Collection 2016: Lucus

TIGI Collection 2016: Lucus
TIGI Collection 2016: Lucus

Create this super slick, consumer-friendly men’s look from TIGI‘s 2016 Collection to delight your male clients.

After preparing with Bed Head for Men Wise Up Scalp Shampoo, apply Bed Head for Men Power Play Gel. Take a slightly curved horseshoe section at the high recession.

Use blunt cutting along the horseshoe to establish a block graduation weight line.

Blow-dry the underneath area. Using the clippers in the #0 (0mm) position, start the fade from the temples to the occipital bone along the hairline following the head shape.

Continue with the #2 (6mm) guard on the clippers. Establish the graduation between the hairline and the block graduation weight line.

Attach #1 (3mm) guard on the clippers and start fading the demarcation line. Then remove the guard and complete the fade by fine detailing all around.

Take a vertical section along the horseshoe on the right-hand side. Comb and over direct the hair to a high elevation and point cut square to the head. To remove weight, shape in front of the ear and round behind the ear. To complete the graduation, continue with pointing sections.

Work with horizontal sections across the crown towards the front. Comb each section back to the previous section and use point cutting at a high elevation. Point cut square across the top from the guide and round slightly on the opposite side to layer around the head shape.

Now take a radial part across the crown and use pivoting sections and point cutting to eliminate the back disconnection.

Work with diagonal sections in front of the ear, visually blending the top to maintain the side disconnection.

Use a TIGI PRO Small Paddle Brush to blow-dry the top section away from the face.

Point cut the entire top to remove weight. To finish, give shine and direction using Bed Head for Men Slick Trick Pomade.


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