Long Technical Flat Top by Dale Ted Watkins for MyHairDressers.com

Dale Ted Watkins for MHD

Dale Ted Watkins’ men’s salon basic haircut is a long technical flat top through the fingers, which is further refined with a clipper-over-comb technique.

Step-by-step provided by www.myhairdressers.com. Final photography by Ross Kirton.


Step 1

Apply suitable protective clothing. Assess hair quality, quantity, growth patterns and irregularities.

Step 2

Create a guide on the right-hand side along the parietal ridge. The hair is pulled square to the side of the head at approximately 45 degrees. Continue creating the guide to just past the round of the head.

Step 3

Clipper-over-comb from the top down horizontally using the initial guide. Use a jumbo comb square to the head and ensure the head is upright. Repeat the same process on the other side maintaining accurate finger angle. Check the balance.

Step 4

Section across the head where the head rounds. Use a guide from the two sides and clipper-over-comb from the top down. Refine the corner with a clipper-over-comb technique and dissolve from where the head rounds into the nape.

Step 5

Work with the top horizontally across the head. Start in the centre of the section and work each side. Continue with horizontal sections working forwards using the previous section as a guide.

Step 6

Create a central parting. Comb the hair down and refine the line by cutting from the long length in the front back to the corner. Further refine working from the corner forwards.

Step 7

Blow-dry the shape using a hard bristle brush. It is important that the shape sits exactly in an accurate position to enable a correct refining process.

Step 8

Refine with a large jumbo comb and clippers. Start in the back and work forwards. Blend the outline perimeter with a finer comb.

Step 9

Refine around the ears with a skimming motion. Refine further with a scissor-over-comb technique. Blend the beard into the shape and trim the beard with a clipper-over-comb technique.

Final look

The final result is a beautifully carved flat top with an elegant progression to length and a slight schism between the clean top and elongated beard for a modern interpretation.

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