Kiss me it’s Christmas

Get your clients a kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas with two romantic looks by Efi Davies, Toni&Guy International Artistic Director.





  1. Create four sections on the head by creating a middle parting and splitting each side into two.
  2. Using the classic rope braiding technique, twist each section clockwise but wrap anti clockwise, adding horizontally each time you wrap.labelm_texturising_volume_spray_200ml-lyrd-cust-amends-lr
  3. Secure using grips.
  4. Hide the sections using pins, and join the rope braids together.
  5. Create texture around the face using label.m Texturising Volume Spray.
  6. When the final braid is achieved, loosely start pulling the braid apart creating a tubeing effect,
  7. Use label.m Resurrection Style Dust to maintain the width.





  1. Isolate a section of hair near the neck and create a small, triangular ponytail.
  2. With the remaining hair at the top of the head, create a side parting and split the hair into three sections.label-m_jar_35g_resurrection-style-dust
  3. Starting on the right hand side of the head, isolate a tiny section of hair and weave under the middle and over into the inner part of the left hand side.
  4. Repeat on the left hand side by isolating a tiny section of hair and weaving over the middle section and under into the right hand side.
  5. Continue using the middle section as the spine.
  6. Add sections on either side, alternate over and under the base – do this to the end, allowing a bit of length and grip in places with label.m Resurrection Style Dust.




Efi also advises prepping the hair for each look with label.m Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner to give the hair the volume it needs to be styled, and finishing each look off with label.m Hold & Gloss Spray to keep hair in place while your client parties the night away.


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