High Drama by Paul Mitchell

High Drama by Paul Mitchell
High Drama by Paul Mitchell

Send your clients off in style with Paul Mitchell’s striking up do from the It’s My Party collection.

Prep damp hair by applying Fast Form and using the Neuro Dry to blow-dry the hair away from the face. Use Hot Off the Press before the Neuro Style to ensure that the end result is polished and smooth.

Next, create a sleek high ponytail and secure using an elastic band with two bobby pins attached to it. Secure the loose hair with one bobby pin at the base of the ponytail.

Then take the other attached bobby pin to secure the ponytail again. Make sure the ponytail is tight and smooth. Use a small ribbon of hair to conceal the hair tie and bobby pins.

Using a teasing brush, create texture in the ponytail hair to allow for longevity of the style. Use a small clear elastic halfway down the ponytail to control the hair. Drape the ponytail to the side of the head just behind the ear. Use large bobby pins to hold the hair in place.

Dress the hair with a geometric hairpin as desired.

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  • Lavinia says:

    A lot of writers receommnd just writing and composing no matter how bad and if the story is going to develop, you’ll suddenly hit “the zone” and it’ll develop.

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