Hollywood Weave by Remi Cachet

Hollywood Weave by Remi Cachet
Hollywood Weave by Remi Cachet

Providing a less aggressive weave method for clean and effective results, learn how to create the Remi Cachet Hollywood Weave technique as seen in its recent Pump Up the Volume collection.

Preparation is key. Wash the hair with Remi Cachet Pre-application Shampoo before thoroughly drying and straightening it, ready for application.

With good, clean sections, add a row of 3.5mm silicone rings. Close the rings with application pliers.

Holding the weft in position using clips, start to sew the weft to the client’s hair at one side using the rings as an anchor.

With each stitch, twist the thread and place the needle through the twisted loop. The art of sewing a weft neatly requires professional training to ensure a good application, avoiding twisting and tension as well as essential placement and dispersement.

Gently pull the thread, securing the weft in place by using a lock stitch, before moving onto the next stitch section. Carefully thread neatly and securely across the head.

Blend the extensions with the client’s own hair for a natural look. This mega volume look used heated rollers to add waves to the hair.

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  • This method LA WEAVE is the most popular method at the moment, and takes only 3/4 for a full head. Clients love this method because it gives length and volume quickly. CONNECT-2-HAIR have been teaching this method for 14 years and it has quickly become an extension favourite. We have courses every day at Manchester throughout the year, only closed Saturdays.

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