@jaymz.marsters breaks down this stunning style for January’s #ColourPop feature…


Situated in a small town in England, covered with tattoos blending in isn’t something of ease. At the age of 26, and with 10 years salon experience, I have managed to grow my clientele up from the ground with the help of social media and vivid, fashion shades. I like to keep my clients colours fresh and forever changing, meaning they never slip below the radar, and, like myself, stand out in a generic town environment. Taking influences from popular Japanese culture, including the likes of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, I can continuously infuse my love for candy and cartoons with my passion for futuristic concepts to come up with some of the most unique hair colour combinations around.


Formula A:  Igora Vario Blue Lightener +   Igora Royal Developer  + Olaplex No.1

Formula B: Wella Color Touch Equal parts 10/6 + 9/16 + 1.9% developer

Formula C: 80g Manic Panic Sunshine + 20g Manic Panic Electric Banana + 3.75ml Olaplex  No.1

Formula D: 80g Manic Panic Virgin Snow + 2g Manic Panic Lie Locks + 3.75ml Olaplex no1

Step 1 : Mix formula A to manufactures guide for the corresponding base you are working with. Make sure to work in clean sections when applying lightener to prevent inconsistencies through the hair. Apply according to your client’s current canvas taking all previous chemical services into account. Process until a clean level 10 is achieved, similar to the inside of a banana skin. Rinse, apply Olaplex no2 for 10 mins, shampoo out and towel dry.

Step 2 : Working in horizontal sections, apply Formula B on towel dried hair starting from the bottom of the ear straight through to the ends. Watch carefully until remaining warmth has been neutralised. Avoid root – mid area with, it is crucial to keep the warmth in the root area for the next step. Once processed rinse in cool water, remove the product residue using Affinage Deep Cleanse Shampoo then proceed to blowdry into desired style.

Step 3
 : Work Formula C into the root area following a traditional root application sectioning. Using a roller comb, or, which ever method you feel most comfortable with blend formula C down by 5-6 inches. Avoid clipping the excess hair out of the way or using a standard comb which can create inconsistencies. An assistant holding the hair during application can help prevent any root shade formula bleeding onto the ends.

Step 4 : Starting at the nape, apply Formula D onto the midlengths and ends blending into the already processing root area. It’s vital for a seamless blend to make sure the product is fully worked into the hair with complete saturation between the two formulas.

Step 5 : Once processed at room temperature for 60 minutes rinse in COLD water until all product is removed. During this time hold the ends out of the backwash whilst the root area is rinsed. Without shampooing, Condition and apply Moringaplex pre-treatment spray onto damp hair. Blow dry and style as desired. Alternately try adding a salt spray to give a textured base before heat styling.


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