Move over balayage, there’s a new hair trend on the block. If you didn’t already get it from the name, this new Blorange hair colour is a mixture of orange, pink and blonde and golden tones. Tracy Hayes of Fudge Professional tells us how to get the look…

“The perfect way to get through these final winter months is by adding subtle pastel orange, ruby and crimson to pre-lightened or highlighted hair. There is not one specific shade, but can be tailored to suit every individual; either more rose/pink toned or with golden orange tones.

The perfect way to create this shade is by using Fudge Professional Paintbox. Your Blorange kit should include Coral Blush to be mixed with either Gold Coast, Pink Riot or Lilac Frost. For a stronger tone use Gold Coast mixed with Pink Riot, which again could be diluted with Whiter Shade of Pale, or a conditioner.

To maintain these colours, use Colour Lock Shampoo and Conditioner. With each wash the colour will fade slightly, so normally should be re-applied every four weeks depending on how often the hair is shampooed.”



– Tracy Hayes, Global Head of Technical Training at Fudge Professional





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