Vintage Roll by Great Lengths

Bridal beauty at its best, Amanda Jackson, Principal Educator for Great Lengths, assisted by Pinar Can, creates a Vintage Roll which is both classic and timeless.


Brogan’s hair was prepared with 21x 40cm Great Lengths GL Apps in shades 09, 10 and 84.

Step 1

Brush the hair thoroughly and place a centre parting.

Step 2

Use a dressing brush to add a back-comb texture to the lengths of the hair and at the crown, taking care not to back-comb near the extensions. Spritz with I.C.O.N. Done to hold.

Step 3

Pull the hair back into a low pony and take a hair donut (cut in half). Place it on the ends of the hair and slowly roll up. Don’t worry about being too neat.

Step 4

When the lengths are wrapped up, ensure the ends are tucked away, then pin in place. The pins should be pointing down into the padding and hidden underneath.

Step 5

Spritz with I.C.O.N. Done to hold in place. Use your fingers to tease the roll slightly for a softer finish. Allow a few strands to fall at the front.

Step 6

Check over the look to ensure that the roll is placed centrally.

Final look

This style is great for brides who want to wear a garland or flowers in their hair. These can rest on top of the roll – giving a more secure feel and embellishing the simple but elegant hair look.

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