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Patrick Cameron

Patrick Cameron

As with every occasion, hair can make someone look and feel fabulous. When creating bridal hair, it is so important that you and the bride communicate with each other, to help you create the perfect look for them. If you are looking to specialise in bridal hair, make sure that you have both the communication and technical skills to provide amazing bridal hair to each and every bride.

Here are my top tips for creating beautiful bridal hair:

DO – Plan, prepare and practice.

Ask the bride to bring along a selection of photos, to make sure you are both on the same track. A photo of her dress is also important.

Talk to her about face shape, the length and the condition of her hair.

Don’t over do it. Remind your client that those wedding photos are going to be around for a long time, so keep it simple and timeless.

I would recommend two practice runs before the big day – this will take some of the stress away for both of you.

Make sure you time the practice sessions so that you leave yourself enough time on the big day.

Also, don’t forget, the back of the bride’s head is what most of the congregation is going to see, so make sure you consider this if she’s not wearing a veil.

Always remember, ‘less is more’. Often the simplest styles are the ones that get the most compliments. Consider this rule where flowers are concerned. A few small flowers, such as small rosebuds or similar, can look very effective. Small pearls or diamante clips are favourite alternative of mine.

Discuss hair accessories. Is she wearing a tiara? There are hundreds of hair accessories in the shops today but if you want to create something a little different then think about threading some pearls or glass beads onto hairpins, then place them in the hair to add a unique finishing touch.

I would suggest creating a hair plan for you and your bride, ensuring her hair is in optimum condition and that hair colour is exactly as the bride would like it. Pre-wedding is not the time to go for a big colour or cut change!

Six Months – Deciding when to have hair colour before the big day can be a tricky one. I would recommend working with your client at least six months prior to the day, to ensure colour is at its most radiant.

Six Weeks. It is best to advise brides to be to book in for a consultation at least six week before their wedding and ask them to bring some style shots of the type of looks they are interested in with them. Make sure you have some great photos on hand too. Brides love using Pinterest and it may be useful for you to create your own bridal hair Pinterest board to showcase your work and to act as a visual tool if the bride is unsure of what she is looking for. If the consultation is made six weeks prior to the wedding, this will help the bride to relax and make sure she will be happy with her choice on the day.

Two Week. The bride should indulge in a deep moisturising treatment, she can have this done at the salon or simply at her home. Recommend a home treatment shampoo and conditioner from your salon.

One Week. Ask your bride to come in again one week before the wedding, this will give you a chance to colour the hair, tidy up the cut and also place the headdress or veil, ensuring everything works perfectly together.

One Day. One of the most common bridal dilemmas is faced by brides with soft hair, which is difficult to pin up. To fix this problem I would simply recommend the bride coming into the salon the day prior to the wedding, to have her hair washed and blow-dried, making it easier for you to put up as the hair will not be so soft or flyaway.


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